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Eco-design with respect for people & planet: we like!


We want our design to contribute to a better world, not put more ‘crap’ on it! All Things We Like brings you playful design that has a positive impact on your mood but minimal impact on the environment. Our unique Dutch Eco-Designs are beautiful both on the outside and inside. As nature is our biggest inspiration, our design is environmentally friendly produced. Janneke started her company in 2011, out of a passion for design and sustainability. A product can be so much more; a vessel to share a story, to educate, a vision on environmental and social responsibilty.

With our label we like to inspire you to make eco-friendly and fun choices. We love to experiment with innovative sustainable materials and techniques like new recycled plastics. To make trash into new treasures. Needless to say we also prefer to work with honest materials. The wood we use is FSC certified or recycled and our posters are printed on biological paper. That’s how much we value fair and honest design. Our collection ranges from lasercut and 3D-printed jewelry, wooden decorative objects, illustrated porcelain tableware handprinted cards and posters… well, as our name already says: all things we like!


We believe in the power of creativity and design to help transform society. We use the impact of design for the social good. We don’t sell out on our planet and human rights. Caring for the environment is as important for us as caring for the people behind our products. For the production of our collections we collaborate with local artisans and social workplaces, who are so proud to deliver you the best quality while making sure our designs do contribute to a better world. Real products by real people.

Who do you support with our designs?
 The social workplaces with people with disabilities handpoor and glaze our ceramics
 A traditional porcelain family business who handmake our porcelain jewelry in production
 The Balinese jewelers workshop that craftly makes our Bali Collection pendants
 Refugee tailors in our sewing workshop
  The social workplace thats helps us with making jewelry and packaging
 And ofcourse you make our atelier in the Netherlands very happy for being able to design and work for our mission for good design!

We have an ever growing network, if you are interested in working with us, you can contact us.

The studio

All Things We Like items are designed in our studio in the beautiful city of Utrecht, in the center of Holland. Before an item leaves the studio, it’s polished, assembled and finished by hand. This ensures that every single piece is made with love and dedication.

Ever since we started All Things We Like out of our passion, it has been a success. When the first small collection of wooden lasercut necklaces was released in 2011, media picked up on it and it sold out almost immediately. We are very proud our collections are sold in designstores and musea throughout the world, spreading our eco-love.

All Things We Like is run by designer and founder Janneke van der Heijden from the studio in Utrecht. Here, in the creative factory ‘Vechtclub XL’ the studio is surrounded by inspiring, talented entrepreneurs and designers. In this creative hotspot you can find, next to the studio and showroom, an organic restaurant, ceramic ateliers, a vegetable garden, organic bakery and even a brewpub. Come by and be inspired!

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