How to take care of your jewelry

Clean your jewelry eco-friendly!

Our necklaces

We only use good quality and honest materials. Our necklaces are made of sterling silver with a gold plating (18k). The necklaces we use stay beautiful forever and will definitely not color or lose shiny. As you wear this on your skin most of the time, we want to make sure it is also without any harmfull substances and tested allergy-free.

We searched and tested a long time and are extremely happy with this quality. You can even wear your necklace daily, shower with it, use perfume and it stays beautiful and shiny. This makes them very durable as you can keep it forever, even if you decide to wear a different hanger on it after a while.

Our pendants

Our pendants are made from environmentally friendly produced eco-brass. Eco-brass is a less expensive material then gold, which makes we can offer our necklaces at a nice price as well! Eco-brass is without any harmfull substances and tested allergy-free.

It doesn’t go black or green over time, as some jewelry does, but sometimes it can go darker over time or less shiny. It does not happen to everyone, it depends on the environmental chemicals (like perfume, soap) and sweat. The eco-brass we use for our pendants is easily to clean though, if it happens. You can use regular copper or silver polish, which will wipe it off easily. Another way to, eco-friendly clean it, is with just some lemon juice and salt! We provide this illustrated card to stores as well.

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