Vase Eclipse

Our plastic planthangers are made from 100% recycled and re-used plastic, a very ecofriendly alternative.

New ECLIPSE vase.The new Eclipse Collection makes you want play with the light inside, colour, reflections and transparency. The beauty of nature and the cosmos. The parts are movable and interchangable so you can change the light, colour and reflections and play around. The unique and playfull design can be changed by rotating the round perspex discs.

Large upcycled plastic planthanger vase. This big planthanger vase makes a unique statement piece and eyecatcher for your plants or flowers!

Note: The gold and pink plastic is not recycled yet but is 100% recyclable. The other colours (blue, green) are already recycled from used plastic.

Size: appox. 30 x 30 cm

 82,64 ex. tax

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